Tunes from 2011-02-10
  1. mississippi sawyer [D]
  2. sweets o'weaver [D]
  3. jingle at the window tidy-o [Unspecified]
  4. rockingham cindy [D]
  5. sugar hill [D]
  6. old molly hare [D]
  7. green willis [Unspecified]
  8. rock the cradle joe [D]
  9. yellow rose of texas [D]
  10. going across the sea [D]
  11. big liza jane [D]
  12. fortune [D]
  13. sopping the gravy [D]
  14. leaving home [Unspecified]
  15. ruffled drawers [D]
  16. soldier's joy [D]
  17. last of calahan [Unspecified]
  18. polly put the kettle on [G]
  19. tucker's barn [G]
  20. ain't gonna work tomorrow [D]
  21. folding down the sheets [Unspecified]
  22. john lover's gone [D]
  23. pretty little shoes [A]
  24. bob-tailed mule [A]
  25. old yeller dog come running through the meeting house [G]
  26. great big taters in the sandy land [A]
  27. shenandoah falls [A]
  28. poor liza jane [Unspecified]
  29. walk along john to kansas [Unspecified]
  30. wish i had my time again [A]
  31. hell and scissors [A]
  32. crow little rooster [A]
  33. chicken pie [Unspecified]
  34. good-bye girls i'm going to boston [A]
  35. little billy wilson [A]
  36. railroad runs through georgia [A]