Tunes from 2011-12-22
  1. sarah armstrong's tune [D]
  2. last of calahan [Unspecified]
  3. dry and dusty [Unspecified]
  4. mississippi sawyer [D]
  5. going to the free state [Unspecified]
  6. shooting creek [Unspecified]
  7. cutting at the point [Unspecified]
  8. susannah gal [D]
  9. moses hoe your corn [D]
  10. yellow barber [Unspecified]
  11. yellow rose of texas [D]
  12. durang's hornpipe [D]
  13. old molly hare [D]
  14. sail away ladies [G]
  15. hell amongst the yearlings [G]
  16. hell amongst the yearlings [G]
  17. springfield girl [G]
  18. jenny in the cotton patch [G]
  19. kansas city rag [G]
  20. shoes and stockings [G]
  21. walking in my sleep [G]
  22. colored aristocracy [G]
  23. around the horn [G]
  24. pretty little shoes [A]
  25. ain't that trouble in mind [A]
  26. bob-tailed mule [A]
  27. lightning in the east [A]
  28. john brown's dream [Unspecified]
  29. breaking up christmas [Unspecified]