Tunes from 2012-08-23
  1. little brown hand [G]
  2. billy in the low ground [G]
  3. mormon schottische [Unspecified]
  4. walking in my sleep [G]
  5. springfield girl [G]
  6. big footed man in the sandy lot [G]
  7. shove the pig's foot a little further into the fire [G]
  8. hand me down my walking cane [Unspecified]
  9. gimme a chaw tobacco [G]
  10. hawk's got a chicken [G]
  11. pruitt [Unspecified]
  12. shoes and stockings [G]
  13. colored aristocracy [G]
  14. roscoe [G]
  15. waltz the hall [G]
  16. wild horse at stoney point [Unspecified]
  17. wagonyard [Unspecified]
  18. texas [A]
  19. katydid [G]
  20. wagoner one-step [C]
  21. ford one-step [C]
  22. honeysuckle [C]
  23. hell up coal hollow [C]
  24. billy in the low ground [G]
  25. rock the cradle joe [D]
  26. rocky mountain [D]
  27. coming through the canebrake [D]
  28. wayne county shuffle [Unspecified]
  29. forked deer [D]
  30. five miles from town [D]
  31. cheat mountain [D]
  32. rocky mountain goat [Unspecified]
  33. mississippi sawyer [D]