Tunes from 2016-07-28
  1. tipping back the corn [A]
  2. yellow jacket [A]
  3. brushy run [A]
  4. horse and buggy [Unspecified]
  5. happy hollow [A]
  6. old blair store [A]
  7. three thin dimes [A]
  8. sailing over england [D]
  9. texas [A]
  10. railroad runs through georgia [A]
  11. little dutch girl [A]
  12. greasy coat [A modal]
  13. road to malvern [A]
  14. ways of the world [D]
  15. wake up susan [A]
  16. sweet nell [A]
  17. shenandoah falls [A]
  18. wish i had my time again [A]
  19. mountain hornpipe [G]
  20. black hills waltz [A]
  21. two bits [D]
  22. hell amongst the yearlings [G]
  23. hop high ladies [Unspecified]
  24. wild horse at stoney point [Unspecified]
  25. mountain hornpipe [G]
  26. shove the pig's foot a little further into the fire [G]
  27. josie girl [G]
  28. springfield girl [G]
  29. rat's gone to rest [Unspecified]
  30. hob dye [G]
  31. nail that catfish to the tree [G]